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PC sunshine plate heat insulation measures and four levels of PC sunshine board installation process

by:UNQ     2020-10-09
1283 PC sunshine plate heat preservation effect is obvious to all, so at the end of the summer sun is more and more strong, the sun room temperature also will be more and more high. In order to be able to effectively solve the problem of sunshine board insulation, can take what measures? If you want to heat insulation, you can use brunet or opaque PC sunshine board, it can have very good heat insulation effect; In conditions allow, can add other obstructions on PC polycarbonate sheet, also a transparent plate, can also be very good to have the heat insulation effect. In addition, if the color under the condition of fixed, adopt and thicken plank structure layer, such as four layers structure PC sunshine board can be very good to have the noise insulation effect. We contact more at ordinary times is essentially double the sunshine board or three layers of the sunshine board, PC sunshine board contact with four layers is relatively less, this kind of plate when installation should pay attention to what? The actual use process, multilayer board or sunshine reflects a lot of excellent performance, has a much better level of demand in certain occasions, such as the four levels of PC sunshine board. Installation must be don't let the sunshine board and the surface of the cement or cement wall contact directly. Four layers to the PC sheets sunshine at the same time UV surface to toward the direction of the sun, at the same time, the installation process don't damage the protective film on the surface of the plate, but within 24 hours after completion of tearing. The four levels of PC sunshine board to set aside the appropriate expansion of the joint space, at the same time observe the depth of embedding. Installation must choose suitable for neutral fill glue and gasket materials, must not use PVC materials or ingredients containing asphalt waterproof tape. If the PC sunshine board size cutting and cutting process to prevent vibration fixed plate, cutting tool to use power tools, such ability assure the accuracy and quality after shearing.
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