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PC sunshine board UV co-extrusion layer prevent droplets effect validation method

by:UNQ     2020-10-26
1346 PC sunshine board is a kind of polycarbonate resin as the main raw material, and fill to join various enhancers after extrusion forming of sheet, will increase in the surface of the plate after its forming a layer of UV resistant layer, it has become a PC sunshine board prevent droplets layer. In order to further confirm the use effect of PC sunshine board prevent droplets layer, need to pass a test for recognition. Sun, according to the structure and properties of different PC sheets can be divided into different types, including the one-sided UV resistance and resistance to UV UV two kinds. PC sunshine board of UV layer testing not only need to measure the thickness, but also observe the uniformity of co-extrusion layer, there are a lot of PC polycarbonate sheet products on the market actually did not increase any ultraviolet material, but pretend to be co-extrusion UV layer of polycarbonate plate sales. Actually identify the PC sunshine board prevent droplets layer method is very simple, as long as you take a small piece of the sunshine board, horizontal and carries on the observation, see if there will be the surface of the blue, if you have that PC sunshine board exist UV co-extrusion layer. Although PC polycarbonate sheet have UV co-extrusion layer, but the quality is good and bad, this time need to put a cup of hot water in the lower part, if the condensed water droplets or hot water droplets on the surface of the PC polycarbonate sheet, it is the droplets prevention effect not beautiful.
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