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PC sunshine board use fixed number of year to shorten is why?

by:UNQ     2020-10-19
1107 PC sunshine board is no longer an unfamiliar building materials product, but like other products to get the attention of the broad masses of users, but also be used in various occasions. Even we ordinary people began to consider using PC sheets as the roof of the balcony sunshine, in the process of practical application, the use fixed number of year of the PC polycarbonate sheet tend to have longer than expected, is this why? Because PC polycarbonate sheet quality though, was also damaged easily affected by some factors, such as PC sunshine plate bending radius is too small, its mechanical and chemical resistance will begin to decline slightly. In order to avoid the PC sunshine board, the resulting stress cracking for PC sunshine plate bending radius not less than the specified value. Also notice at the same time, in the curved PC sunshine board, don't be perpendicular to the direction of the rib to bend, it will not be able to produce surface purlin effect, and under the action of stress, contribute to the board so crushed or broken, PC sunshine plate bending must be carried out along the direction of the rib. PC sunshine plate breakage or because it exposed some alkaline material and corrosive organic substances, these substances will lead to serious chemical stress cracking. So whether it's in the transport or storage, must be properly protect the PC polycarbonate sheet. No matter what type of PC sunshine board for processing, processing cutting tool or tools may not cause any damage to the processing parts of the plate, the incision should be smooth, so as to avoid serious cracking caused by slight injury. Before installing the PC sunshine plate can be protective film peel, try not to in order to protect its performance.
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