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PC sunshine board to overcome the common plate exist in all kinds of disadvantages

by:UNQ     2020-10-13
In 1159 before the widespread popularity of PC sunshine board, more is ordinary plate used in the daily use, but with the passage of time the disadvantages of this kind of material is more and more obvious. Basic and these problems are solved through PC sunshine board, so the polycarbonate sheet an ordinary plate ideal substitute. Common mining plate is obvious problem is the leaking problem, differentiation of modern architecture, the model of personalized although broke the traditional building roof, but the leak problems still exist. Especially in the large span steel structure, large-span arch door word such as cases, this problem is particularly prominent. But if use PC sunshine board as a building material, roof leakage problem can get very good solution, because the seam it have good sealing treatment, coupled with the excellent properties of the material itself, but also greatly reduces the PC sunshine plate leak rate. Ordinary plate impact resistant ability is more, so in case of special weather conditions, such as hail is easy to damage. But the PC sunshine board have different specifications and thickness can choose, just choose thicker material, its impact resistant ability can meet the requirement of use under all kinds of weather. For non-standard mining plate, cannot ensure the accuracy of the experimental insulation test data, and at the same time there is no guarantee that the service life of the stable. But with the PC sheets is different, the sun's heat preservation performance is through the color test and calculation, using PC sunshine board in greenhouse engineering is also took a fancy to it because of good heat preservation performance. Non-standard mining has some disadvantages, it is the surface of the surface cleaning is not convenient, PC sunshine board, there is no such problem, can restore clean the surface of the water after, to keep its excellent light transmittance.
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