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PC sunshine board price is decided by what factors

by:UNQ     2020-10-21
208 now, different areas in different industries need different types and different specifications of PC sunshine board. In the process of buying, PC sunshine board price will be different. That is what factors determine their price? Firstly, different specifications and types, different specifications fundamentally determines the PC sunshine board price difference. Four layers, for example, natural sunshine board the price higher than double sunshine board, four layers polycarbonate sheet is more complex than double layer manufacturing process. Larger product freight will be higher. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to suit your specifications of the sunshine board. Second, PC sunshine board different quality second, PC polycarbonate sheet quality determines the price level. Everybody knows that the different sunshine board quality and warranty have different nature. is usually divided into three years on the market, five and ten years. Different year warranty also determines the different materials used in the production process, price nature is different, so you are advised to choose appropriate and safe PC sunshine board. Third, different manufacturers produce PC sunshine board vary different polycarbonate sheet manufacturer produces natural sunshine board price difference. The influence of different manufacturers to sunshine board price also relatively large. Sales of some well-known brand the price will be relatively high. In fact, many large manufacturers are direct bulk production, so the cost price also decreased, so the sales price will be lower. If you buy a large number of products, you can directly contact with some brand manufacturers, not only can ensure that the brand is good, quality assured, the price will be much cheaper than the market.
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