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PC sunshine board matters needing attention

by:UNQ     2020-11-10
175 PC sunshine with color on board, we how to simple to identify his fixed number of year of the quality assurance and quality? Domestic PC sunshine board manufacturer to care for the majority of customers, products are generally divided into high school low-grade; Have a plenty of in accordance with the quality assurance period, some polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in import, domestic material to distinguish quality, old and new mixture, etc. For transparent polycarbonate sheet, light transmittance can be identified, and the other colors polycarbonate roofing sheets is difficult to distinguish. There is a very simple several method: ( 1) See plank of g, g high relative quality is better, Can distinguish the domestic import new materials and new materials) 。 ( 2) Carefully check whether the surface containing impurities ( Used to distinguish whether doped with recycled material. ( 3) Observing surface spots, general situation and low quality of polycarbonate because the quality is not the average in the generated after sunshine board can have a translucent spots appear.
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