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PC sunshine board is the characteristic of multi-span greenhouse

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

  PC sheets processing intelligent multi-span greenhouse will surely be further popularized, spreading across major agricultural bases that grow fruits and vegetables. Multi-span greenhouses are mostly smart greenhouses. Such greenhouses are also called automated greenhouses. They are equipped with computer-controlled movable skylights, sunshade systems, heat preservation, wet curtains/fan cooling systems, spray drip irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, and mobile seedbeds. And other automation facilities, the control of the smart greenhouse generally consists of three parts: a signal acquisition system, a central computer, and a control system. Covering materials for smart greenhouses include glass, PC solar panels, and films. You can decide which cover material to use according to the purpose of the greenhouse and the funds you want to invest. Its main use is a facility for growing plants. In the seasons that are not suitable for plant growth, it can provide growth period and increase yield. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of temperature-loving vegetables, flowers, forests, etc. in low temperature seasons. The intelligent greenhouse is a fully mechanized operation, which can better control the external factors of biological growth, so that the external environment can reach the precise standard. Another word is that it is easy to operate, and the amount of manual labor is greatly reduced.

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