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PC sunshine board is different from the FRP plate by a few big characteristics

by:UNQ     2020-10-10
1280 if put together PC sunshine board and FRP plate comparison, whether material or their functions can be found, and economy, construction and so on is different, that this is two completely different types of plank, must learn to correctly distinguish when choose. Begin with their respective material that is made up of polycarbonate PC sunshine plate appearance co-extrusion made a 50 um ultraviolet UV resistant layer, the daylighting of the belongs to a kind of high performance materials. The FRP plate is a glass fiber reinforced polyester, mainly including the membrane, unsaturated resin and glass fiber, and other components. The main material of polycarbonate PC sunshine board itself is a kind of excellent engineering plastic, its qualitative light, flame retardant, high impact strength, high light transmittance, high stability and flexible features, and the advantages in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection is more obvious. FRP material of choice for mining plate is unsaturated resin, it has high strength, flammable, the characteristics of the stability is poor, so how many are inherited by plate made of these features. PC polycarbonate sheet and FRP plate of light transmittance is pretty good, but the PC sunshine plate has high permeability, no haze; The FRP composite material blocking the horizon in mining plate, combined with the resin itself has poor permeability, so the overall permeability of owe good, big fog degrees. PC sunshine board insulation on the whole, by contrast, significantly better than that of the FRP plate, that is to say, choose sunshine board as a light material can be more energy efficient. And users care products better economical, natural is FRP plate cost is higher than the PC polycarbonate sheet. Because of the PC sunshine plate heat bilges cold shrink coefficient is higher, so in the construction, need to reserve this space heat bilges cold shrink. And as long as the node and equipment accessories, polycarbonate sheet leaking problem can be properly resolved, reduce unnecessary losses.
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