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PC sunshine board is better than that of all aspects of FRP lighting

by:UNQ     2020-11-08
2004 sun plate and light tile has a certain relationship with light, and can be used as building materials. So where these two materials is poor? To study together. First sunshine board is a new kind of high strength, waterproof and pervious to light, energy saving of roofing materials, production of raw material is used in the PC. And FRP lighting of the main raw material is resin material, visible material one of the biggest differences is that they made the performance of the material is different also. Although PC sunshine plate and light transmittance of FRP lighting is similar, but the PC sunshine board with high permeability, no haze, while being composite material, FRP lighting tile permeability is relatively lacking. Because PC polycarbonate sheet design into a hollow structure, significantly better than that of FRP lighting tile insulation on the whole, and that is why it is more energy-saving. One is PC sunshine plate is safe to use, because it has higher flame retardancy, greatly reducing the potential safety hazard.
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