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PC sunshine board in the market healthy and orderly development

by:UNQ     2020-10-25
1251 PC sunshine board since introduced to China, has made great development, with excellent properties of PC sunshine board has received the general consumer's affection, the scope of its application is more and more widely. In order to be able to PC sunshine board to develop faster, better and more healthy, still need to continue to work hard in the right direction. First is certainly need to comply with the policy orientation of national and industrial policy, fundamentally put an end to violation of the objective law PC sunshine board, achievements of tens of millions of blind investment project, image project, rooting out the possibility of the existence of defect PC sunshine board. For PC sunshine board, agricultural greenhouse is one of its major application direction, so it should be tightened inspection specification and technique, to avoid bad PC sunshine board into the field of agricultural greenhouse, damage the credibility of the industry, affect the later development. Even at the same time set up the equipment access standards for agricultural use PC sunshine board, improve the industry's barriers to entry, the implementation of strict rule of the bidding and the rule of engineering supervision, the unqualified PC polycarbonate sheet rejected and PC sunshine board products of the company. Also, as soon as possible is to advice about PC sunshine plate production management standards, give full play to its harmony, self-discipline and supervision function. And give full play to the function of supervision by public opinion, professional media in equipment material selection of the basic knowledge of agriculture, promote healthy and orderly conduct of equipment agriculture PC sunshine board.
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