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PC sunshine board cutting method

by:UNQ     2021-03-19

   Sawdust will be emitted in the air during the cutting process of PC sun board, and these sawdust are electrostatically attached to the PC sun board grid on the outside of the PC sheets, so a boring air compressor is required for cutting Blow out the groove. It can reduce the emission of sawdust into the air and keep it tidy. There are ribs inside, and in order to cut more accurately, the finished product size is drawn before cutting, so that the cut is more accurate and beautiful. Cut correctly and make preparations: Try to let the vertical and horizontal direction of the plate to be longer than the horizontal dimension, and the horizontal direction of the plate is not allowed to bend. The size of PC polycarbonate sheet is 2.1*6m, but because the size of PC polycarbonate sheet can be customized according to the special requirements of customers, so the scale is different, and the styles shown are different. For the sake of beauty and cost saving, Carrying out accurate cutting becomes the key point.

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