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PC sunshine board construction details

by:UNQ     2020-11-09
208 in construction of the PC board from time to tome a lot of details need to pay attention to, the following brief introduction of the polycarbonate sheet screw installation method: 1. Screw spacing, such as the spacing is too small, sometimes stress caused by too tight, cause damage; Such as spacing is too big, and can make the PC board fixed instability. Screw spacing can be in accordance with the thickness as the appropriate configuration. 2. Heat bilges cold shrink different PC board must be taken into consideration the size of the screw holes of summer night heat bilges cold shrink and books. In general, the screw holes should be larger than the screw diameter at least 2 ~ 4 mm, with 3 reserve expansion space. Screw holes position the position of the screw holes from the edge of the PC sheets is too close, very easy to cause broken board, in general, the position of the screw holes from the PC sheets edge for the screw hole diameter of 2. More than 5 times. For example, the diameter of 4 mm screw, the screw holes position at least to have more than 1 cm away from the PC board edge. 4. Don't lock screw cutting too tight screw cutting is too tight, otherwise the deformation, and stress.
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