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PC solid sheet results after compared with other kinds of material

by:UNQ     2020-10-15
1293 PC solid sheet is a kind of quite popular with the consumer PC sheets, also have a wide range of application in actual production, compared with other material, it really can find a lot of similar nature, but also exist the difference. From the current state, the PC solid sheet has become other building plank alternative, used in all kinds of buildings. Will compare it with the PC solid sheet glass are put together, obviously the strength of the PC solid sheet plasticity is higher, stronger, lighter, and make them more resistant to severe blow or foreign body impact, not easy broken, more security than glass. And because of good plasticity, making the PC solid sheet can be bent into different radian different properties, the shape of the shape more than the glass. When compared to PC solid sheet and acrylic sheet, more obvious difference is that a flammability, although yakeli board is not spontaneous combustion, but it is very sensitive and has a flame resistance; PC solid sheet is different, because of its high flash point, so have since put out fire properties, is a very good daylighting fireproof material. In addition, also can compare the PC solid sheet with PC hollow slab, basic have no big difference, but the strength and weight of the sheet is different. PC solid sheet is multilayer solid structure, and PC hollow hollow slab for single layer or multi-layer structure, should not be used for requiring higher strength of sheet metal. Through the contrast can be found that the PC solid sheet with other material more or less have some differences, but also because of this is what makes the PC solid sheet become irreplaceable products. It used to make the stadium lighting tent or canopy of estuary metro subway, etc. , has incomparable advantage over other plate.
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