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PC sheet construction tips, let you construction without trouble!

PC sheet construction tips, let you construction without trouble!

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    Polycarbonate is a kind of high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastics. The PC sheet produced from it has the characteristics of good light transmission, high strength, light weight, anti-aging, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc. It is usually called transparent steel plate . With the continuous upgrading of production technology, the types of PC sheets are becoming more and more abundant, and they are increasingly used in modern architecture and modern agricultural engineering. Although PC sheets can be bent without heating, and the dimensional accuracy is high, usually no secondary processing is required, but some tips should be paid attention to during the construction process. Otherwise, the damage to the plate is small, and if it affects the overall quality of the project, it will not be worth the loss.

Endurance board channel ceiling

Precautions before installation

  • PC sheet should never be placed in direct contact with cement ground or cement wall;

  • Clean the frame, the surface of the fitting groove must be flat;

  • Choose the correct plate thickness and allow the flat radius of curvature;

  • Reserve expansion space and pay attention to embedding depth:

  • Use suitable silicon-copper glue and gasket materials, PVC materials are not allowed:

  • When cutting, electric tools (tungsten carbide saw blades) must be used. When cutting, the plate must be fixed to avoid vibration. Do not tear the protective film when cutting;

  • Before cutting, a line mark must be marked on the protective film. If it must be directly marked on the board, please use a watercolor pen, and avoid using sharp tools for marking;

  • Use a single-sided UV layer, pay attention to the side should be placed on the outdoor side;

  • Only remove the protective film after installation.

Endurance board exterior wall

Correct installation method

Embedded installation method
    The protective film embedded in the support frame part will affect the bonding of the filler and the PC . Before the PC board is embedded, the protective film with a width of 45mm should be cut off.
    The amount of thermal expansion and contraction of the plate is different from that of the metal frame, and it is flexible and can withstand wind pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate embedding amount, reserve space for expansion and contraction and choose an appropriate plate thickness.
    Sealing strips are not allowed to use materials such as natural rubber strips, PVC, etc. that have corrosion or aging on the surface of the plate. Special adhesive strips for PC board, that is, terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and dicyclopentadiene (EPDM) or neoprene should be used, and silicone rubber should be used for secondary waterproofing.

Sunboard outer wall
Screw installation method
    For outdoor installations or when the temperature difference is more than ±8℃, any bolt rivet perforation must increase the hole diameter , leaving a reserve for temperature expansion and contraction. Generally, the hole diameter must be slightly larger than the bolt shank diameter. At the same time, self-tapping screws should be avoided when the rivets are made of aluminum.
    All holes should be filled with silica gel , and the exposed part should be coated with silica gel to prevent the cleaning agent from seeping into the edge and prevent prolonged cracking.
    The head of the rivet should be 1.5-2.0 times larger than the shank, and be filled with gaskets in between, so that the rivet head does not directly press the plate surface, reducing the pressure.
    The upper screw should not be over-tightened or it will cause stress.
    Do not use PVC gaskets.
    Do not use primers.

    Please add metal beads around the board, and reserve expansion gaps to strengthen the fixing force.

Sunboard curtain wall system

Cleaning and maintenance

  • If there is adhesion of grout, grease, paint, etc., contaminating the surface of the PC board, be sure to remove it with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol or isopropyl alcohol before it is hardened.

  • Do not use benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride for cleaning; at the same time, avoid using solvents for cleaning in direct sunlight or forced bending, otherwise cracks will occur.

  • The dust and dirt on the surface of the PC board are generally wiped with a soft or sponge-soaked neutral detergent , then rinsed thoroughly with warm water, and finally dried with a soft cloth.

Sunboard outer wall

   Of course, with the continuous expansion of the use of PC sheets and the continuous emergence of new technologies, the types of PC sheets will be more and more refined, providing different professional products for different fields. Therefore, the installation technology will continue to improve and upgrade. Keeping up with relevant information at any time can bring out the greatest advantages of PC sheet in actual projects.

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