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PC (polycarbonate sunshine board shed sunlight endurance plate board over time become yellow?

by:UNQ     2020-10-08
221 PC polycarbonate sunshine board shed sunlight endurance plate board over time become yellow? In just a few years found polycarbonate roofing sheets brittle, yellow, aging, originally daylighting effect is very good polycarbonate sheet why transparency is becoming more and more bad? Or, originally the lake blue grass green sunshine board, slowly become unable to describe the color of the other? If you want to change new, then a series of expenses is very large, and if you live with, but the color of sunlight plate is lower class, what should do? To solve the problem from the source, the meaning is choosing to use fixed number of year long PC sunshine board, and buy something, you get what you pay for, choose use fixed number of year of the sunshine board, the higher the price is quite high, so there is no denying that its quality must be better than other sunshine board quality, yellow aging less likely, life is also more long, novartis del sunshine board industry co. , LTD. Provide import new material quality sunshine board, the self-use or engineering use. in the production of UV coating through special craft processing, this can not only prevent the sunshine board yellowing and aging did and the surface of the UV resistant effect, add the UV coating under the sunshine board no matter in the board of planting and breeding, are all helpful things, UV coating is a double or single coating, coating, of course, the multi-layer coating, prevent aging yellowing effect is more obvious. In installation, many customers do not pay attention to in the process of installation the MianYang without UV coating plate in the direction of the sun, thus causing the polycarbonate sheet speed of aging become yellow, so in the customer after purchasing the sunshine board, be sure to supervise the sunshine board installation. Novartis del sunshine sunshine board industry as PC sheets professional manufacturer, for the sunshine board various problems occurring in the process of installation, we will to troubleshoot for you.
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