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PC light diffuser saves the cost of light source

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

   The appearance of the PC light diffuser is the same as the ordinary PC endurance board. It looks the same as the milky white endurance board. The ordinary endurance board does not have a diffusion effect when the light passes through the board, so the ordinary endurance board cannot achieve uniformity. The light effect and brightness are also very different compared with PC diffuser. PC light diffuser can save a large part of the cost of light source. The light of the diffuser is very soft, and no lamp beads or lamp groups can be seen. A PC endurance board made by adding a diffuser to a PC light diffusion board. The diffuser can be evenly distributed on the board, so that when the light passes through the board, it will have the effects of refraction, reflection, and scattering when it encounters the particles of the diffuser, so that the light can evenly pass through the board but the light source cannot be seen, so as to reach from the point light source to the Changes in surface light sources. When light passes through a medium and encounters a medium with a different refractive index or density, multi-directional refraction, reflection, and scattering will occur. This phenomenon is generally called diffusion. If the particle size is less than or equal to the wavelength It will also cause diffraction. The PC light diffuser is processed by different methods of sheet metal forming. The addition of light interference diffusing particles makes the light pass through the substrate due to different refractive indexes, so as to achieve multiple refraction, uniformly disperse, reflect, and scatter the light, and adjust the light transmission Get direction.

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