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PC endurance plate water absorption characteristics and the processing effect

by:UNQ     2020-11-14
885 PC endurance plate when making use of sheet is a kind of easy to bend, in the process of running through secondary processing and shaping process for PC products, the main processing methods are: carving processing, bending processing, mold processing, cutting processing, etc. PC endurance plate in bending processing, no matter what way, for endurance plate quality requirements are very strict, if there is no standard endurance plate, so it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect, will cause certain damage to endurance plate itself. On the society at present consumers prefer cold bend into the endurance of plate products, because the implementation difficulty is bigger, but after forming the endurance plate quality is very good. Due to endurance plate with good water absorption characteristics, in order to the ideal processing effect, prior to dehumidification process of endurance plate, ensure the plate temperature processing can be achieved a stable value, so that you can avoid when processing all kinds of unhealthy phenomenon. PC endurance plate sheet is a kind of application range is very wide, in order to make its favoured by more users board industry take some measures, to improve the endurance plate grinding and fatigue resistance, and obtained the effective improvement. Our endurance plate under different processing conditions on the friction performance of research, found that the sliding direction perpendicular to the direction of melt flow, the wear quantity is small. Calculated, injection time for five seconds; The melt temperature is two hundred and ninety degrees; Die temperature at eighty degrees, and sliding direction parallel to the melt flow direction is smaller endurance plate wear some parameters, such as. In the long glass fiber brittle fracture surface of fatigue endurance plate reinforced nylon, glass fiber is still wrapped by matrix, and on the surface of glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate fatigue brittle fracture, glass fiber is basically with PC substrate. This phenomenon shows the bonding force between the glass fiber with PC is much less than with PA, the bonding force between the visible PC endurance plate fatigue sex is stronger.
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