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PC endurance plate surface treatment commonly used process and its practical significance

by:UNQ     2020-11-03
1856 at the time of actual application, not only to shape, size of PC endurance plate processing, but also need further processing to the surface, the performance of the application to obtain the required. Endurance for PC sheets, commonly used surface treatment process is what? What is the significance of doing so? As is known to all, the PC endurance plate hardness is generally higher, coupled with its good toughness, these are all application materials is convenient and with good effect. But it often can not stay long, after using for a long time, the PC endurance plate will be soften, therefore the reason for the surface treatment, main is to prevent the softening. In order to reduce or prevent PC endurance plate softening, mainly adopt or coating method, also is the use of paint coating that PC separated endurance plate and the environment, avoid plank is affected by various factors and found to soften. In the process of implementation, it is important to note that on the surface of the paint film with PC endurance plate fit closely, if you have any impurities between substrate and paint film, affect the treatment effect.
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