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PC endurance plate material selection and processing and layout requirements

by:UNQ     2020-11-14
872 PC endurance plate to a certain extent, has gradually entered People's Daily lives, and now the partition has become a popular, and was deeply loved by customers decorate, both in household design and office design is essential to the partition. 1. PC endurance plate spatial degrees of freedom: solar panels house partition can make the space look bigger, and better than the traditional partition wall has the advantages of better transparency. 2. Material: strict partition material selection and processing, in order to achieve good image shaping and beautiful combination of colours. Just for decoration for office partition to achieve the effect of aesthetics, we can remove the non-functional material structures, and the decorative effect in the first place. 3. Image: if you want to create partitions, for the layout of the color and selection should be based on internal decoration and office layout for coordinated, to avoid acosmia feeling. For design but also pay attention to a certain height and length and will pay attention to the unity of the actual situation changes. PC endurance plate produced water corrugated cylinder body is the cause of the melt flow, wall is different from the speed of the lining. When he left mould durable board, the whole melting process is not subject to resistance and the difference between the two is 0. Then, the change of the relative speed at all levels can lead to die of the melt flow, and then will produce very severe vibration, causing this situation. We need to decrease the endurance plate extruder extrusion speed, and add some additives, such as silicone additive or other additives, such as PPA, etc. In eliminating endurance plate on the surface of the water ripples, properly can help improve the temperature endurance plate melt liquidity enhancement, so as to avoid the occurrence of water ripple. When production PC endurance plate, because the temperature and the type of raw materials, usually leads to different water moire patterns. Sometimes, when the temperature increases, polycarbonate type change, also can appear some waves. Such as plate Angle or the change of the radian, as long as the PC endurance plate bending, can get the processing direction Angle and radian. On the other hand, if the transparency and average thickness requirements is not high, difficult to achieve in the practical application of suction method is better. If the requirement is very high, on the whole the temperature control, machine and workshop environment is relatively strict requirements. Common thermoforming endurance plate, one of the first board to be included in the appropriate furnace, and then heated to a certain temperature, make its softening, and then quickly take out into the prepared mold, through the cooling plate to maintain the shape of the mould, in order to meet our requirements. Either way, or according to the surrounding environment and the actual needs, make endurance plate can meet our requirements.
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