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PC endurance plate compared with high-density plate, but where?

by:UNQ     2020-10-11
1506 before the PC endurance plate is still not fully popularization, with the more is density board, the board is the feature of texture is soft, good resistance to impact and easier to manufacture again, thus to become one of the common material of furniture manufacturing. But due to the domestic standard for density board is more consistent, so that the plate has been controversial, and PC endurance look good just take this opportunity to strength development, gradually take the place of high-density plate used in furniture and door industry manufacturing. If the PC endurance plate compared with high-density plate, single decoration on the one hand, this can see obvious differences, PC endurance plate is easy to finish processing, all kinds of paint, paint, etc can be evenly on the board, in addition to strong alkaline paint. At the same time, normal manufacturer production PC endurance plate physical ductility can be very good, does not exist the problem of dehydration. PC sheets with high endurance holding nail force is good, use rise more convenient. Look carefully PC endurance plate can be found, the surface is bright and clean, all kinds of decorative panels, thin films, maps and other material can be posted on the PC endurance plate surface; If is hard PC endurance plate, after coining and borehole can be made into sound-absorbing board, used in every field of architectural decoration. In adornment respect for high-density plate, are mostly used to produce skirting board, door cover plate, window sill board, etc. , and plate of the six sides need to brush the paint evenly, so that can let the plank be affected with damp be affected with damp or have no deformation temperature changes; As soon as alcohol. it, high-density plate internal structure will be damaged, appear the phenomenon of corrosion. So by comparing that PC endurance plate in bending strength and impact strength are better than high density board, and plate on the surface of the decorative performance is good, is better than appearance of solid wood furniture, so is worth using.
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