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PC endurance board to avoid exposure to the outside

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

Analysis of stress cracking of PC endurance board

No matter what type of processing of PC endurance board, the cutting tools or tools must not cause any damage to the non-processed parts of the board, and the cut should be as smooth as possible. Minor damage can also cause severe cracking. The transportation and storage of PC endurance board must be properly lined, packaged, and laid flat, because any slight damage (such as scratches) on the surface of the board will develop into a crack. And do not store the board and other chemical substances in the same place, because volatile matter will cause chemical stress cracking on the surface of the board. The PC endurance board must not be damaged or removed before the installation is completed, so as to avoid scratching the surface. Never nail the board directly to the frame, otherwise it will cause high stress due to the expansion of the board and damage the curved board at the edge of the perforation. If the diameter rate is too small, the mechanical strength and chemical resistance of the board will drop sharply. In order to avoid dangerous stress cracking on the exposed side, the bending radius of the PC endurance board should not be less than 175 times the thickness of the board.

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