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PC endurance board gradually replaces other products with the same effect

by:UNQ     2021-03-13
More and more people use pc endurance board

pc endurance board can be used in the following, highway sound insulation wall, basketball board, plus frosted can be used as school blackboard, glass, and even a transparent barrier for large aquarium world Water cover and so on. Of course, in addition to stress resistance. The flame retardant properties, temperature applicability, weather resistance, light material, flexibility and other characteristics of the PC endurance board also provide unlimited possibilities for the application of the endurance board. New materials enter the market. With a wide range of uses and excellent characteristics, PC endurance Board has been accepted by more and more people, and gradually replace other products of the same role, and gradually replace other products of the same role. It can offset some stress. When the screw or rivet is perforated and installed, the hole diameter of the plate must be 50% larger than the diameter of the bolt or rivet. To prepare for the displacement of the plate during cold shrinkage. Prevent any direct hole fixing or rivets. It is impossible to reserve a cold shrinkage space. Generally, holes are drilled in the plate, and the hole interval is more than 50CM. The distance between the hole and the board edge is recommended to be above 3-5CM. It is not suitable to use PVC gaskets or waterproof tapes containing bituminous components, because the chemical additives separated from them will chemically corrode the board. Resulting in cracks on the surface of the sheet. Even break. The diameter of the head of the rivet should be 2 parts larger than the diameter of the shank. And add gaskets or washers. To prevent damage to the plate under some high pressures produced, the screws should be tightened too tightly to prevent fracturing of the plate. It is better to allow slight displacement of the plate after fixing.

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