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PC endurance board construction specification

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

   Before the PC endurance board is installed, the protective film must be uncovered along the edge to free the position of the bead, so that the bead can be directly installed and fixed on the PC sheets. After the installation is completed, the protective film can be completely Take off, note: you can not install the protective film and then remove the protective film, it is easy to produce a gap between the plate and the screw. It can't come into contact with corrosive solvents, it is easy to corrode the board. During transportation, always pay attention not to scratch the protective film to prevent scratches on the board, which will affect the life of the board. .When installing the board, it is recommended to choose the sealant paste and rubber gasket suitable for polycarbonate plastic, and it is strictly forbidden to use PVC sealing strips and gaskets. If the special sealant for endurance board is used, other types of sealant may also cause corrosion of the board and easily cause the board to break. The endurance board can be bent, but it cannot be bent casually. It must be bent into a shape according to the requirements. Use a neutral detergent and water to wipe.

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