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PC diffusion plate features, advantages and USES understand?

by:UNQ     2020-10-20
1272 in essence, the ordinary PC board and PC diffusion plate of raw material is PC, so should not have much difference, but it's not. PC diffusion plate is on the basis of the ordinary PC monolayer plate products made of through special craft processing, it has special properties and USES. Look from the exterior, PC diffuser is an ordinary milk white translucent panels, its light transmittance is probably can reach more than 80%, and the crystal points less high pervious to light. It is obviously different from the ordinary PC sheets, because of its light transmittance is only 20%. Spread of PC board itself in terms of quality, with the use of diffusion of particles is closely linked, generally spread particle content is less, its light transmittance is higher, while the fog sensitivity is lower; Diffusion of particles is conversely, the more light transmittance is low, the fog the higher sensitivity. Spread in the production of PC board, should be based on customer demand, balance the light transmittance of diffuser and fog sensitivity, so as to achieve the ideal effect, make its in LED and fluorescent lamp, advertising light boxes, LED electronic display screen, etc, can play a better role. Because the spread of PC board is light through the spread of the PC plastic base material layer, met with refractive index of different medium, the multiple perspectives, multiple direction will happen the phenomenon of refraction, reflection and scattering, so as to achieve the light diffusion effect. Therefore, it can display lighting components provide a uniform surface light source. In addition to this special performance, PC diffusion plate has the simple sense of smooth surface, the overall visual effect of high-grade, at the same time also has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, stability as well as good ultraviolet resistance, weatherability, more durable.
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