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pc board stamping

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

PC sheets stamping processing PC sheets stamping, the use of stamping processing is mainly because of its high efficiency. Some plates are relatively thin, and there are many holes on the product that need to be processed. In this case, it can only be processed by stamping. If CNC or general engraving is used, the cost will be higher. This is not the main reason. In fact, it is because of the high efficiency of stamping. The requirement for PC board stamping processing is that the board itself must have a certain degree of toughness. Any fragile material is not good for stamping. This is caused by the physical force of stamping, and it is easily broken during stamping.

The thickness of the sheet is limited by the hydraulic punching press. Generally, it can only punch the PC sheet within 1.5mm. Although the sheet of 2mm or even thicker can also be punched, but at the same time The actual cost increase brought about by the increase in thickness, the cycle of customized knife molds will become more and more frequent, stamping knife molds are more likely to be damaged, and the accuracy will be reduced. General PC board stamping can only be done within a small range Yes, it is mainly because the strength of the customized die for PC board stamping is not enough. At present, most of the stamping processing of PC board is within 1.5mm, and the number is relatively large.

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