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PC board stamping processing requirements for sheet thickness

by:UNQ     2021-04-04
1. Hydraulic punching has a limit to the thickness of the sheet. Generally, only plastic sheets within 1.5mm can be punched. Although 2mm or even thicker sheets can also be punched, it also brings about a real cost increase, because As the thickness increases, the cycle of customizing the die will become more frequent (stamping a few die is more likely to be damaged, of course, the accuracy will also be reduced. General plastic plate stamping can only be achieved within 2mm, mainly because the plastic plate stamping is customized The strength of the die itself is not enough. At present, most of the stamping processing of plastic plates is within 1.5mm, and the quantity is relatively large. 2. The advantages of stamping: plastic plate stamping, everyone uses this process mainly because of its high efficiency Some plates are relatively thin, and there are many holes on the product that need to be processed. In this case, it can only be processed by stamping. If CNC or general engraving is used, the cost will be higher. This is not the main reason. Yes, it is actually because of the high efficiency of stamping.

3. The limitations and disadvantages of stamping on the material of the plastic plate: The stamping process of the plastic plate not only limits the thickness of the material itself, but also has restrictions on the plastic plate. That is to say, not all plastic plates can be made by stamping, which is also a defect of stamping processing. Stamping requires plastic plates to have a certain degree of toughness, and any fragile materials are not good for stamping. This is caused by the physical force of stamping, and it is easy to break during stamping. At present, the more commonly used plastic plate stamping materials on the market are PET, PC, PETG, PVC, high-resistance PS and other materials with better toughness, such as acrylic (PMMA), general PS and other materials, because of their fragile nature, they are not suitable for stamping or simply cannot be stamped.

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