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[Pc board processing] sunshine board, can PC sunshine board be cold-formed at room temperature

by:UNQ     2021-03-28

  The sun board can be bent at room temperature. The answer is yes.

  So, what is the principle that the solar panel can be cold-formed at room temperature when the PC sheets is processed?

   First of all, it depends on the production of the solar panel. The raw material itself is a high molecular weight resin with very good toughness. The cantilever notched impact strength is 600~900j/m, and the heat distortion temperature of the filling grade is about 130°C. After glass fiber is reinforced, this value can be increased by 10°C. The bending modulus of PC sheets can reach more than 2400Mpa. Due to the toughness of the solar panel itself, it is sufficient to bend at room temperature to adapt to the needs of different installation places.

Will    polycarbonate sheet cold bending affect the service life of the board?

   Adopt correct and reasonable methods, cold bending treatment on the polycarbonate sheet will not affect the board itself and service life Yes, the correct and reasonable cold bending treatment not only improves the lighting area, but also meets the bending requirements of architectural art design. Moreover, the bearing capacity of the board is improved.

How does    bend specifically?

   bends in the direction of the corrugated ribs of the sun, and is larger than the limit bending radius of the plate (small bending radius), Generally, it is 175 times the thickness of the sheet, and it can be bent into an arch, arc, semicircle, etc. To avoid cracking on the exposed surface, the bending radius should not be less than the following table. The recommended radius The thickness of the board is controlled at more than 200 times to better prevent the damage of the board.

  Sheet thickness (mm) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

   Ultimate bending radius (mm) 700 1050 1400 1750 2100 2450 2800 3150 3500

Calculation formula for processing: small bending radiusu003dsheet thickness×175

Notes for cold bending treatment of   polycarbonate sheet:

  1, the direction of cold bending treatment must follow the sun The direction of the corrugated ribs will directly break the plate anyway;

  2, cold bending must be within the normal range of the plate, which is the limit bending radius of the plate, and it should not be less than the limit bending radius;< /p>

  3. For the cold-formed solar panel, it is not allowed to perforate locking screws in the bent part of the panel.

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