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PC board processing sunshine board and endurance board production method

by:UNQ     2021-03-16

   When installing and using pc board processing endurance board, some cutting and processing are usually done on the board, which is convenient to make endurance boards of different shapes to meet different needs of consumers.

   Here is how to make and use the endurance board:

   1. After the endurance board is heated during production, it is formed by hot pressing in the mold. The hot pressing of the polycarbonate sheet requires a wide variety of molds and a wide range of materials, and then it can be made by extrusion using a mold.

  2. After cutting the endurance board into different shapes, it is a common method to paste and use it on a quiet surface.

  3. When the endurance board is heated to a certain temperature, some craftsmanship and artistic modeling can be processed directly on the board by hand or the sun board is a tool.

  4. The production process of pc board processing endurance board products of different styles is actually to use cylindrical endurance boards and different shapes of plates, then bond them together, and then shape them by grinding. A special process.

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