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PC board processing sealing plate end hole grid

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

   According to the requirements of the installation regulations to seal the hole grid at the end of the board, when the processing device is used. Replace the original edge banding tape. Special sealing tape for installation engineering. The sealing tape should have good weather resistance and be used temporarily without losing its adhesiveness and mechanical strength. During the operation of the device, pay attention to the following technical methods to significantly reduce pollution when attaching tape: Before sealing, ensure that all edges are smooth. Blow out the dust in the tank before sealing, and the compressed air must be free of any impurities. If it is dry, ensure that the tape is completely covered with profile, metal cover, and U-shaped maintenance slot at the end. After the installation is completed, there should be no exposed parts. Check the tape for loss before the final installation of the pre-installation and find damage. The tape must be replaced.


When installing the PC board, it should be down at all times. It is helpful for PC board manufacturers to drain the condensed water, otherwise the condensed water will be deposited in the tank and green impurities will appear, which will affect the transparency, heat insulation and aesthetics of the PC board, in order to prevent moisture from appearing in the tank of the PC board Accumulates and dusts/contaminates with insects from the multi-layer structure of the solar panel, so special attention should be paid to the installation, especially the opening end of the slot must be used with professional sealing tape. The original edge banding tape on the board is only used to temporarily maintain the edge of the PC sheets during transportation and storage. In the installation project that is not used for waterproofing and installation, the edge-sealing tape at both ends of the PC sheets should be replaced with a special sealing tape

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