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PC board processing products energy saving and emission reduction

by:UNQ     2021-04-04

Energy-saving and emission reduction of processed pc board products

The outer awning of processed pc board products is one of the useful ways to control the summer solar radiation heat. The outer awning can also use materials including cement, gypsum, Aluminum panels and various sheets that can block the sun, roller blinds, etc., common shading materials have a low visible light transmittance. Generally, when using shading, it is necessary to make up for artificial lighting in the room to meet the needs of work and livelihood, but the transparent endurance board is not It is required to have good heat insulation and transparency, and the effective connection between natural light and artificial lighting can achieve the two-layer effect of energy saving and light comfort.

In the future indoor lighting and external window shading of processed pc board products, it is necessary to think about energy saving and the thermal comfort and visual comfort of indoor occupants. The energy-saving and emission reduction of processed pc board products can be seen. It is very important to deal with the antagonism of sun-shading blocking solar radiant heat and reducing air-conditioning energy consumption but increasing lighting consumption. Spectral selective data can handle this opposition. Spectral selective data means that the surface of the used data has selective absorption, reflection, emission or transmission characteristics for light radiation, especially the spectrum of sunlight, and reaches the data with the intention of using energy effectively. Generally, it is made into a coating. For example, the UV coating of the endurance board of the pc board processing product can have the effect of selective absorption and reflection of the spectrum of the pc board processing product, and it is anti-ultraviolet and reduces radiation.

The endurance board of the pc board processing product is coated with the spectrally selective coating material on the transparent sunshade board, and the sun visor with the spectrally selective function can be produced, that is, it can block the near-infrared solar radiation in summer. However, it allows most visible light to pass through, so that it can ensure a comfortable natural light environment in the summer room and reduce the energy consumption of space harmony and lighting.

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