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[Pc board processing] Precautions for PC sunshine board device

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

  1. The surface of the board should be prevented from touching alkaline substances and corrosive organic solvents, such as alkalis, alkaline salts, amines, ketones, aldehydes, esters, ethers, natural sodium water, methanol and isopropanol, etc. The painted surface of the frame cannot touch the board.

  2, it is necessary to select suitable neutral glue and rubber pad for PC sheets processing.

  3. To allow the plate to expand, the drilling diameter should be greater than 50% of the screw diameter, and the distance between the screw hole and the edge of the plate should not be less than 50mm. The screws cannot be tightened too tightly. The screws should not be too dense. It is recommended to use one screw every 50cm or more (the thicker the plate, the larger the screw distance is required).

  4. The joint of the two plates needs to reserve a sufficient elastic space according to the change of the local temperature difference. Under normal circumstances, the gap width is more than 50% of the screw diameter.

  5. When cold bending, the bending direction must be perpendicular to the direction of the ribs of the plate. The four-layer sun board must be more than 175 times the thickness of the board. The cold bending radius of the endurance board must be greater than 100 times the thickness of the sheet. The calculation formula of cold bending radius: Ru003d1/2h+㎡/8h (Ru003dflexion radius; hu003darch height; mu003dspan).

  6. It is forbidden to drill the board screws directly during the construction process. The screw holes should be drilled first, and then the screws are installed. If the plate needs tortuous shape, screw on the tortuous stress point is forbidden.

  7. PC board processing is cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid the corrosion effect of acid and alkali dust on the board. It is recommended to use warm water to wash.

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