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PC board processing plastic parts processing strength requirements

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

  PC sheets processing often encounters a variety of plastic processing failures. What kind of terminology is used to express these failures in the plastic machinery industry is more ** Now I will analyze the terminology of plastic processing failures one by one. 1 Under-note: In plastic processing, due to insufficient filling of the cavity, the appearance of the plastic part is incomplete and incomplete. 2 Flash flash: During the plastic processing and molding process, it overflows into the gap between the mold clamping surface and leaves the remaining material on the plastic part. 3 Welding mark: a linear mark on the surface of a plastic part, which is divided and merged by several streams in the mold during injection or extrusion. The melt is not completely fused at the interface and cannot be fused together, resulting in a fusion mark. Affect the appearance quality and mechanical properties of plastic parts. 4 Wave flow mark: due to the improper flow of the melt in the mold cavity, the surface of the plastic part has a ring-shaped, spiral-shaped or cloud-shaped wave irregularity. 5 Appearance turbidity: refers to the appearance of plastic parts with gaps and cracks and the resulting damage.

   The phenomenon of external or internal cracks in the plastic part caused by long-term or repeated application of stress lower than the mechanical properties of the plastic is called stress cracking; because the plastic part is subjected to a constant load for a certain period of time at a specific temperature The phenomenon of sudden and complete cracking is called stress cracking; the cracks and ruptures that occur when certain thermoplastic parts are excessively exposed to higher temperatures are called thermal stress cracking. 6 Fracturing: refers to the obvious cracks in the outer layer or layers of the reinforced material of the laminated plastic that can be seen through the resin layer covered on the outer surface. 7 Wrinkle and crack: A defect in which the appearance of laminated plastic is broken and clearly separated. 8 Wrinkles: In the process of plastic processing, the appearance of creases or wrinkles on one or more layers of plastic parts. 9 Cracking and bleaching: The relatively obvious micro cracks on the surface of the plastic part are called cracks, and the frost-like micro cracks similar to the cracks are called bleaching. Both cracks and bleaching are micro cracks without cracks. When plastic parts are exposed to a certain chemical environment or under stress conditions, environmental stress cracking will occur.

   The key link in the processing of plastic parts for processing. Various forms of plastic are made into products or blanks of the required shape. Due to the different uses of the required products, the The required strength is also different. During the processing of plastic parts, there are the following requirements for strength: The processing is based on the confirmed drawings or written documents, and the information, shape, thickness and other changes that affect the strength cannot be changed at will. The principle of plastic parts Select materials that require good toughness, wear resistance, low price, and certain strength; when sheet metal or machine-added materials are replaced with plastic parts, in principle, the thickness of the plastic product will increase, and the specific design thickness depends on the product structure and function. Fixed; where the part that cannot be formed at one time needs to be bonded, it must be firm, flat, and neat, and there is no hidden danger of loosening; plastic machining is in progress

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