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PC board processing omnipotent endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-29

  PC board processing endurance board is a kind of building material with good performance, which can be used for heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. But when we actually use it, we will find that the PC endurance board is prone to stress cracking. What is going on? Is there any way to solve it?

   PC sun board endurance board will appear The phenomenon of stress cracking is mainly determined by the structure and performance of the material of the PC sun board endurance board. Because when we co-extrusion the PC solar panel endurance board, the molecular chain will be forced to orient, and because the polycarbonate molecular chain has a benzene ring, the de-orientation will become more difficult. Therefore, after molding, the oriented chain may still return to its natural state, but because the entire molecular chain has been frozen and the macromolecular chain is about each other, there will be residual stress in the product, and finally the endurance of the solar panel The board product may appear stress cracking. However, this is not absolute, because there are many different forces inside polycarbonate, such as crack resistance. The length of the molecular chain, the number of entanglements between the chains, and the force between molecules are all the key factors that determine the magnitude of this force chain. Therefore, as long as we ensure that the anti-cracking ability and internal stress are balanced, the cracking phenomenon of the PC board processing sun board endurance board will not occur.

  PC sheets processing endurance board is used in gardens, amusement places, exotic decorations and lounges, corridors and pavilions; interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern urban buildings; transparent aviation containers, motorcycles Front windshields, airplanes, trains, ships, automobiles, motorboats, submarines and glass military and police shields; telephone booths, advertising signs, light box advertisements, display and exhibition layout; instruments, meters, high and low voltage switch cabinet panels, military industry, etc.;

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