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pc board processing factory

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

processing factory

processing Wuxi Board Industry Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates sheet production and molding processing. The company introduces the most cash production technology, adopts German Bayer and Saab-based PC raw materials, and Wuxi PC board processing. With the concerted efforts of all staff, the company is producing the world's largest wide-format PC with high quality and low cost. board. At the same time, it introduces advanced processing equipment, and devotes itself to Wuxi PC board processing with advanced Wuxi PC sheets processing technology and rich processing experience. According to the drawings and requirements designed by customers, we can carry out engraving and drilling, cold bending, bonding, printing, CNC milling, coating, hot pressing, precision cutting and other processing to meet customer requirements.

PC board processing, we are deeply aware of the importance of the development and application of the board market, and have stepped into and developed flame retardant, light diffusion, anti-ultraviolet, printing, electronic appliances, automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing And other related markets, effectively filling the domestic demand for PC engineering plastics in high-precision and sophisticated fields. The company insists on continuous innovation, strengthens and improves after-sales service, and sincerely cooperates with new and old customers at home and abroad with the best quality and strictest management! High quality, complete products, low prices, and good service have enabled us to be at the forefront of the industry. The products we provide can meet the specific requirements of users for manufacturing high-quality products. Wuxi is willing to work together with your colleagues, develop together, achieve a win-win situation for you and me, and create a better tomorrow together

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