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PC board processing energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection

by:UNQ     2021-03-25

  PC board processing At that time, under the situation that 'plates accounted for a large proportion of the decoration of the house' at that time, the processing manufacturers were used in walls, ceilings, doors and windows, countertops, and furniture. Almost all the use of board necessary. At that time, the boards in the market could be divided into solid wood boards, density boards, plywood, composite boards, etc. according to the processing skills and the materials used. Different boards have different physical characteristics. For example, the surface of the density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine, and the function is stable, but the moisture resistance is poor, the strength is low, and the nail holding force is poor; the vertical and horizontal physical and mechanical functions of the plywood are small. The planning strength is good, the stability is good, but the glue content is relatively high. U-shaped locking sun board, so we should fully consider these physical characteristics when choosing the type of board used, and choose the most suitable board type in different applications. Plates have different heat conduction functions because of their different materials and skills. Nowadays, society recommends energy saving, emission reduction, and effective environmental protection. Therefore, we also consider the thermal function of materials in the embellishment process. PC board processing is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, with impact resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, UV protection, and anti-yellowing.

   Nowadays, more and more people like the simple and convenient way of PC board. In order to achieve this intention, PC endurance boards are often used to create. Then the opening of the processing plays a big role in our day. Let's analyze it together. The plan expansion method for processing in the past years has been 'infringed' by questions such as overcapacity, high inventory, increased capital, and market downturn. Since the beginning of this year, the world's shopping malls have been in a downturn due to the continued fermentation of the subprime mortgage crisis, the structural polycarbonate sheet of the financial crisis, and the debt crisis. Domestic shopping malls have also encountered a 'cold wave' under the strict control of the property market and the continued rise in capital.

  The promotion power of processors will become an important lesson for PC endurance board companies in the post-industrial era for compensation or improvement, including production power, transportation power, storage power, disposal power, and even capital turnover power. The promotion of power is not only the demand of the times and the demand of opening up, but also the effective way to reduce the cost, the way to advance the competitiveness of the market and the vitality of the company. The promotion of power and the two-layer polycarbonate sheet, energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection, circular economy, and cleaning production are also equivalent to making great progress in the same period.

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