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PC board processing energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials

by:UNQ     2021-03-28

  PC board processing is used in walls, ceilings, doors and windows, countertops, and furniture. PC board processing was at that time, under the situation that 'plates accounted for a large proportion of the decoration of the house' at the time. The use of boards is almost always essential. At that time, the boards on the market can be divided into solid wood boards, density boards, plywood, composite boards, etc. according to the processing skills and the materials used. Different boards have different physical characteristics. For example, MDF has a smooth and flat surface, fine materials, and stable functions, but it has poor moisture resistance, low strength, and poor nail holding power; the physical and mechanical functions of the plywood are small in the vertical and horizontal directions. The planning intensity is good, the stability is good, but the glue content is relatively high. U-shaped locking sun board, so I must fully consider these physical characteristics when choosing the type of board used, and choose the *applicable board type for different applications. Plates have different heat conduction functions because of their different production materials and skills. Nowadays, society recommends energy saving, emission reduction, and effective environmental protection. Therefore, the thermal function of the data is also considered in the embellishment process. PC endurance board is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, with impact resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, UV protection, and anti-yellowing.

  PC board processing is a more common building material, the positioning of the processing market is not **This is well-known work and some manufacturers are trying to change the status quo, preliminary Prepare to hit the ** mall. Physical properties of processing Mechanical properties Impact resistance: The impact resistance of plus tools is 250 times stronger than radical glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Tensile strength: PC board processing board has good heat resistance, so even at 120 degrees Celsius, its tensile strength can still reach 350Kgf/cm2. Resistance to this strength and flexural modulus: PC sheets has good flexural resistance, even if the bending angle reaches 80 ~90 degrees, still not broken. Anti-fatigue and anti-creep resistance: The anti-creep resistance of PC board is one of the thermoplastic plastics. Even at high temperature, the creep resistance is still small, and the stress relaxation is also small. Thermal properties of PC board manufacturers Heat distortion temperature: The heat distortion temperature of PC board is 136 degrees Celsius, and its continuous applicable ** temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius. Coefficient of linear expansion: one of the synthetic resins with a smaller coefficient of linear expansion.

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