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PC board processing endurance board channel daylighting roof canopy

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

   As we all know, PC sheets processing endurance board is now widely used in various fields, such as the canopy, carport, stop sign that we often see.

  Jiangnan area often rains in summer or autumn. If there is no carport, many vehicles will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, many communities and office buildings will build canopies, which not only It can bring great convenience to our lives and beautify the environment around us. It can be seen that the canopy is very important in our lives. Next, the editor will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of the endurance board canopy:

  1. High light transmittance: general users of endurance board and sun board canopy will Choose to use colors with high light transmittance, and some people will choose to use colored, colored endurance boards and solar panels can block the strong part of the sun, so that the transmitted light is gentle.

  2. Strong anti-ultraviolet function: PC sheets processing sun board and endurance board are treated by UV anti-ultraviolet treatment, so it can ensure that the items under the canopy will not be damaged by ultraviolet rays. In addition, the endurance The board sun board rain shed is durable, and can maintain the optical function of the board itself after long-term use, and will not cause rapid aging due to ultraviolet radiation.

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