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PC board processing endurance board bonding

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

  PC sheets processing PC endurance board is 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and the maximum impact force can reach 3kg/cm. The impact strength of PC endurance board is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass. Twice the toughened glass, there is almost no risk of breaking. There is no crack when it falls two meters below with a 3kg hammer. It has the reputation of 'non-breaking glass' and 'sounding steel'. The impact resistance allows it to be cold-formed at room temperature or hot-formed.

   large-scale bending machine and oven equipment, which can perform cold bending and hot bending forming of PC boards within 2.5 meters. The endurance board can be cold-formed on the construction site according to the design drawing, and the installation is arched, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the adopted plate. Use imported high-quality PC sheets as the base material, and engrave according to the drawings or product samples provided by the customer. Large-scale CNC engraving machinery, its accuracy can be controlled within 0.07mm, and it can engrave and cut various shapes of plates in the specifications of 1300mm*2500mm. Various flat square holes, round holes and multi-angle holes can meet the needs of customers for panels, covers, Various processing technical requirements for windows, etc. The PC endurance board is bonded with PC special glue, which is firm, beautiful, and does not leave offset printing. It is suitable for the production of various boxes, mechanical parts, handicrafts, etc.

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