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PC board processing anti-ultraviolet light to reduce radiation source

by:UNQ     2021-03-18
In the future, PC sheets processing products will be the key to indoor lighting and external window shading, which solves the problem of shading hindering solar radiation and reducing the energy consumption of central air conditioning but increasing the consumption of lighting fixtures. Spectral selective materials can resolve this type of opposition. Spectral selective material refers to the application of the material surface to the light radiation, especially the natural light spectrum has the characteristics of selective digestion and absorption, reflecting surface, sending or passing through, reaching the material with the purpose of useful application of kinetic energy, generally made into a coating, pc The board processing products have the functions of selective digestion and absorption of the spectrum, reflecting surface, etc., anti-ultraviolet light and reducing radiation sources. Coating the spectral selective coating material on the transparent sun visor can produce a sun visor with spectral selective male sexual function, that is, in summer, it can block the solar radiation of the near infrared spectrometer but allow most of the visible light to pass through. The comfortable natural environment of sunlight in the summer room at the access point reduces the energy consumption of the lighting fixtures of the Konghe Xie.

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