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PC board and several other kinds of plastic plate is how to distinguish?

by:UNQ     2020-10-15
1566 currently popular on the market is a plastic plate, sheet and plastic industry is a very broad, it includes organic glass, PC board, PS board, MS plate and other products. The key is that several plastic board are very similar in appearance, to distinguish words have to look for skills. Organic glass was be yakeli board, it can be divided into extrusion plate according to the different methods of production and casting plate, compared with extrusion plate of good transparency, use fire to burn it is easy to distinguish, extrusion plate burning flame qing, no smoking, have bubbles, when fire can pull the filament. And transparency of the casting plate is higher, is burned with fire smokeless, bubbles and make noise, fire when no silk. PC board mainly includes endurance plate and polycarbonate sheet, these two kinds of plank of transparency is very high, and impact resistance is good, not bad, combustion is the basic won't burn with fire, flame retardant and open up some black smoke. The transparency of PS organic board, reflective when see will be pitting, and relatively fragile, easy broken. MS plate recognition method is in the fire burning it produces a lot of black smoke, basic is close to quite with PS plate, but the flexibility and processing performance are better than organic PS plate. Since this is hard to distinguish between several kinds of plastic sheet, so if you need a PC endurance plate, suggest looking for manufacturers to buy specially. Could go to the manufacturer to have a closer look at the PC sheets production equipment, is located at the factory or industrial and commercial bureau website query related qualifications. General factory direct sales of products not shoddy, and will provide regular quality assurance contract, don't believe in oral warranty commitment, no stamp warranty contract, factory inspection report and so on.
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