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Pay attention to the following two points in the installation of polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-19

  The very important thing in the installation of polycarbonate board is that the edge fastening must pay attention to the following two points:

  1, the clamping part of the pc board must contain at least one arrow rib, or The meshed part at the edge of the polycarbonate sheet is at least 20mm.

  2, the polycarbonate board must leave an effective space in the connecting profile or in the inserting groove of the frame to allow the solar panel to be expanded and displaced under load. The linear thermal expansion coefficient of the hollow solar panel is 7×10m/mk, that is, for every 1℃ increase in temperature, the 1m×1m solar panel expands by 0.075mm along the length direction. The user must calculate the temperature difference according to the four seasons and the transparent pc board at the project location. Installation clearance data: For example, in the northern area, the highest temperature is 40℃, pc board is quoted, and the low temperature is -30℃, pc board, 1m×1m board installation reserved clearance is 0.07×70u003d4.9mm

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