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Pay attention to details in PC board processing and bending

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

  PC sheets is processed and formed by cold bending, and generally 150 times its thickness can be used as the minimum cold bending radius for cold bending. But for the PC sheet with anti-scratch layer, the minimum cold bending should be considered 175 times. If it is smaller, hot forming is recommended. Cold bending will produce a certain amount of permanent deformation, and the magnitude of the deformation depends on the thickness of the plate. There will be a certain degree of relaxation after cold bending. It is best to have an excessive bending of about 25% for the PC sheet. After a few days, the internal and external forces should be balanced to obtain the final shape.

   There should be 1~2 days of relaxation time after cold bending of the PC sheets, and the material can be installed; do not reduce the angle of cold bending during installation, and do not force the PC board to the installation position; cold bending processing The speed should be fast, so the effect will be better; for the patterned plate, cold-bend the patterned side to make the patterned side bear pressure. In order to control the rebound, it is recommended to use PC with a thickness of 6mm or less. Sheet.

   PC board hot bending processing is to use heating equipment to perform local single-sided heating or local double-sided heating at the position where the PC board needs to be bent. Generally, the selection method is based on the thickness of the PC sheets. It is better to use partial double-sided heating for the board.

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