Outdoor Patio Kits: Reasons To Buy

Who does not desire to achieve the feeling of vacation in their own home? There is nothing better than a decorative patio covering when it comes to enjoying the outdoors year-round. 

What is the patio kit?

Patio, like all canopies, provides a covered structure for protecting vehicles, patios, open gardens and balconies from the elements. It is roofed with polycarbonate panels that can either stand alone as a building or be attached to the wall. Patio Covers are by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the sun, rain, and snow out of your new outdoor living room, a patio cover can become the new favorite space in your home.

patio cover kits

What are the benefits of the patio?

Our outdoor patios have a range of benefits that consumers can hardly refuse. Let’s explore these further.

Range of sizes

Patio sheds are available in a variety of sizes including widths up to 4m and lengths up to 8m. Due to the wide range of uses of patio sheds, we can design according to the special needs of each customer.

If you are looking for a more unique size for custom needs. Just contact us.

Colour options

There are many options for patio sheds, whether it is the color of the polycarbonate roof or the color of the aluminum alloy frame. For the polycarbonate roof, there are 6 colors to choose from including Clear, bronze, blue, light smoky, mid-smoky, and dark smoky. The aluminum frame is available in 4 colors including Grey, coffee, white, and champagne. Each color choice boasts a U-Value of 2.4W/m2K, and fire resistance standards that comply with BS 476-7 Class 1Y, however, they have different levels of light transmission, clear being the highest and bronze the lowest.

Another important consideration when choosing a polycarbonate roof for your patio shed is orientation. If your patio shed faces south and the sun is abundant, then you can consider brown polycarbonate panels as a roof to deflect more sunlight and provide further UV protection to your car.

patio cover kits

Translucent polycarbonate patio covers are becoming an increasingly popular option. Using the best roof paneling in the industry is complete with a UV coating to reflect the sun’s heat but allow light to pass through, keeping your patio light, bright, airy, and cool.

Built-in guttering

If you are worried about water accumulation (or even freezing) on the roof of the outdoor patio shed, you will dispel your worries after reading the content. The roof of the patio shed is sloped (about 5 to 20 degrees) and has a built-in drainage system that works together to provide drainage and prevent standing water. In addition, the support columns can also be used as “pipes” to allow the rainwater in the gutter to flow down.

Magic Insulation

It’s true that some polycarbonate patio covers do have insulation – due to the invisible air trapped between the bottom and top panels. But this isn’t as much insulation protection as you get with our other models utilizing foam insulation. Since it’s impossible to see through insulated aluminum panels, studies show, that is the trade-off. Feel and see the sunbeams while being a little less insulated from the elements. 

How to construct the patio?

When constructing a carport or canopy, it’s vital to ensure it’s constructed of weatherproof materials. Our patio kits boast a strong powder-coated structural aluminum metalwork framing and solid polycarbonate sheet which allows them to remain functional, even after extreme hailstorms and other weather conditions.

The following is our installation tutorial, which can be used as a reference.

In general, the patio is a lot quicker and easier to install and comes with a step-by-step installation guide. As mentioned, with 2 people constructing this canopy, we’d recommend setting aside just 1 day for installation.

Order outdoor patio today

Patios are a low-maintenance way of providing protection to vehicles, patios, verandas and more. After installation, you can enjoy all year round, enjoy the fresh air and view of your garden and have a BBQ grill or outdoor leisure spa!

Get in touch with our friendly and helpful specialists for further information or send us an email at sales@unqpc.com.



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