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Optical grade PC endurance plate can be used to make into what?

by:UNQ     2020-11-17
2321 ordinary PC endurance plate as a kind of material has been widely used in the construction industry, as the product upgrades, PC endurance plate is to broaden the application scope of a lot. Such as optical PC endurance plate also have good performance in the field of optical lens, the concrete can be made into which products? The main material is polycarbonate PC endurance plate, the most prominent feature of this kind of material is high light transmittance, high refractive index, high impact resistance, dimension stability, easy to processing molding, etc. , so use this material to make the optical lens is perfect. Optical endurance plate molding products, is known as the camera lens, telescope, microscope lens lens, optical lens testing instruments, in addition, the film projector lens, duplicator, infrared automatic focus lens, projector lens lens, laser printer and various kinds of prism, faceted reflector, and many other office equipment and electrical appliances product is made of optical endurance plate. Thus, materials are very important in the field, as the growth of the consumption, product market development potential is very big still.
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