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Non-ferrous endurance is the mainstream of greenhouse materials of choice

by:UNQ     2020-11-20
1729 greenhouses and become a cultivating flowers, vegetables and so on cultivation of ideal, because it can offer superior conditions for plant growth. Before, we only know that construction mainly with the greenhouse is a glass and film, little imagine coloured endurance plate is one of the better material. With the development of flower industry, nonferrous endurance plate as the main material of construction of the greenhouse made her very popular. But will benefit from the endurance plate's own characteristics and a variety of colors, endurance plate not only has the advantages of low energy consumption, compared with the material such as glass, film, heat preservation is better, can avoid indoor heat loss. And non-ferrous endurance plate has good insulation and high light transmittance, the transmittance is an important factor for greenhouse. Due to non-ferrous endurance plate adopted uv radiation treatment, so it in selective through the function of ultraviolet ray has prominent effect, this will make the greenhouse with enough light, for those flowers provides superior growth conditions, guarantee their growth.
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