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The increasing demands for automobiles and vehicles and the rapid pace of city development have caused serious noise pollution, especially in the commercial and residential area which runs along highway, railway, and bridges. So how to reduce the noise? A noise barrier is urgently needed to solve this problem.

Polycarbonate soundproof barrier sheet is a prior option among many types of material. The sound insulation effect of the polycarbonate solid sheet is 32 decibels. We know that the noise generally built on the roadside is generally 70- About 80 decibels. Think about it, solid polycarbonate panels reduce noise by 30 decibels, how big the effect is. 6 decibels higher than glass, and 4 decibels higher than galvanized sound insulation walls.

Besides, polycarbonate solid noise is high transmission, lightweight, and easy to install. It is excellent strong, virtually unbreakable, and will not deform or crack. UNQ is a leading supplier of polycarbonate noise barrier in China.

What are the benefits of polycarbonate sheets for sound barrier ?


Applications of Noise Barrier

Polycarbonate noise barrier reduces 32dB a prior soundproof material. It is also lightweight and high light transmission. Factory price with high quality.

Noise Barrier Shenyang Expressway Tunnel

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Noise Barrier- Shenyang Expressway Tunnel

Product:10mm Clear flat polycarbonate panels

Application Type: Noise Barrier

Total product usage: 2000㎡

All covered soundproof polycarbonate solid sheets in expressway station up to 2000 square meters. Reduce 32 dB. UNQ clear polycarbonate is significantly lower noise level as well as not break natural views.

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Polycarbonate Noise Barrier

Product:12mm Clear flat polycarbonate panels

Application Type: Noise Barrier

Total product usage: 500㎡

A clear polycarbonate noise barrier is extremely tough and light transmission. Trucks, cars, and other vehicles cause serious noise pollution to residents along the line. Polycarbonate soundproof panels are the best solution to solve this problem and quiet sleep is available.

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier

Inspire Creative Architecture with UNQ

UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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