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multiwall Polycarbonate sheet building cladding

multiwall Polycarbonate sheet building cladding


Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet is rigid-structure with a least two walls and connective ribbing. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is ideal glazing material especially for building cladding .

Building cladding is the exterior skin of architect. The clapping serve both a decorative and a functional purpose.Usually building cladding offers protection from rain, snow and impact. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is real unbreakable. 250 times stronger than traditional glass. While multiwall polycarbonate sheet is lightweight, half weight of glass. These feature make multiwall polycarbonate sheet superior material for building cladding.

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet is made by high temperature and high pressure gluing and pressing, so multiwall polycarbonate sheet is not easy to crack and deform, and the shrinkage expansion coefficient is small. It can better regulate the indoor temperature and humidity, and it is a breathing sheet.  Multiwall polycarbonate sheet creates insulating air spaces that helps reduce thermal energy penetration. A cooler area in summer and a warmer area in winter. Substantially a better energy efficient than any single-layer sheet. In addition, it has better water resistance and is more resistant to moisture than ordinary solid wood. The multi-layer polycarbonate board has strong compressive resistance, and its load-bearing capacity is stronger than that of a single-layer polycarbonate board. But the weight is much lighter, easy to move and easy to install.


Besides, multiwall polycarbonate sheet has a superior day lighting advantage. After the sunlight is filtered through the polycarbonate sheet, the light becomes soft, unlike the direct sunlight of the glass. Realize the unity of architectural optics and aesthetics. Make the whole building cladding transparent and warm.

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