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Multilayer sunshine board materials requirements and its real value

by:UNQ     2020-10-22
1774, under normal circumstances, the production cost of multilayer sunshine board must be higher than the cost of the two layers or single layer plate sunshine, because it more material. But although some multilayer polycarbonate sheet layer is very much also, but its material is not increased with the increase of the layer number of article, make the thickness of the multilayer sunshine board instead of thin, although at this time material is saved, but the quality of the sunshine board will be discounted. So, in order to guarantee the quality of the sunshine board and service life, make sure the layer materials evenly. The service life of the sunshine board depends on the surface of the material and performance, sheet, not the number of layers, so the sunshine board layer increases do not prolong the service life of the plate. In multilayer sunshine board and average sunshine board to choose between the former is to improve the effect of heat insulation, at the same time increase the intensity of support, but in most applications, insulating board double sun stays and intensity are basic can meet the requirements, so not must increase costs to choose multilayer sunshine board. If the material is the same, making two layers of plate thickness of sunshine sure than multilayer sunshine board thickness is big, so that is conducive to extend the service life of the real. So many special occasions, with thick plate can be used in place of the multilayer sunshine board. But if there are any space is too small, highly short, supporting frame too thin or screen under the condition of insulation material, and must choose multilayer board of sunshine, because this kind of situation really high to the requirement of insulation support.
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