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Multilayer sunshine board and thickening the sunshine board which one to choose?

by:UNQ     2020-10-25
1639 layers of sunshine plate cost is higher than two layers of the sun plate prices, mainly because of a multilayer materials, if not the laminated material proportion increase, while it is possible to reduce cost, but this sheet does not follow to go up the wall thickness of the thinner instead use quality more impact. For polycarbonate sheet, key to its service life or the top layer that, instead of depending on how many layers, so if multiple sunshine board did not how much of a change for its service life, only with arch radian with different layers of the sunshine board affect life span. People choose multilayer sunshine board, no more than is good for heat insulation, strong support, but in fact the sunshine board itself already has very good thermal insulation and intensity, so there's no need to increase their layers, instead will increase many cost. If using the same material, using it before making multilayer sunshine board is expected to double the sunshine board, the board of the wooden partition becomes thick and extend service life in this way is really good, so we suggest a multilayer choice with thick plate. So what circumstances choose multilayer sunshine board effect will be better? Is in some space is too small, highly too short, supporting frame too thin, or screen occasions, such as isolation material for insulation support is really key, so be sure to select multilayer sunshine board.
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