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Multilayer structure the advantage of the sunshine board and protection measures of its broken

by:UNQ     2020-10-16
1276 sunshine board industry has been in constant development, its use more and more, but the mainstream products on the market is still double the sunshine board, in order to have the advantage in the fierce competition, multilayer structure of polycarbonate roofing sheets factory development and production will come out. Of multi-level structure has been found that, after comparing the strength of the sunshine board than ordinary products. Multilayer structure of the sunshine board and ordinary sunlight plate products while materials are the same, but the extra layer, further enhance the performance of the sunshine board, since multilayer polycarbonate sheet quality is definitely better than double, believe in the future will certainly be widely used. Now that we have been emphasized diversity sunshine board how good performance, so that sunlight plate is a very hard material, but the fact is improper use sunshine board is very easy to broken, so ask us to do some preventive measures. are generally selects high quality UV resistance of the membrane and made from high quality resin, but in order to get a good performance, its production of curing degree also nots allow to ignore. Because with the improvement of sunshine plate curing degree, changes in plants could also improve the hardness, mechanical strength, etc. at the time of use will be the role of external forces, to prevent its breakage if by force must be controlled within the prescribed scope. Some sunshine board manufacturer in order to increase the toughness of the polycarbonate sheet, can add plasticizer in its production process, though it will enhance the flexibility, the polycarbonate sheet but the strength of the material will therefore greatly influence, so as to shorten his life. To guarantee the integrity of the sunshine board, this is also to put an end to.
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